Losin’ Our Edge

Have you ever read Hegel’s “Philosophy of History”?  While it is dated (think racist, jingoistic) this book still has much to offer.  It has been at least 5 years since I read the book, but today’s news got me to thinking about it.

The basic premise of Hegel’s book is that History is not just a random collection of random events, but an unfolding (almost evolutionary) push for freedom.  If you can get past Hegel’s dated historical view and lack of PC, you can still get some nuggets of wisdom.  Hegel had “history” start in the East and migrate West, he saw Europe of his day as the culmination of all of historical progress.  After reading the book, it was easy to add a few extra mental chapters on the continueing Western migration…the Americas and on to the Pacific rim…

WTF is this post about anyway?

Do you think the Arab’s knew history had passed them by at the time that it moved on to Europe?  Do you think the Europeans saw and understood the passage on to the Americas?  Or is it only in retrospect that we see such things?  And finally, do you think that we North Americans will see and understand when it has moved further West–so far West that it is back in the East?

With today’s delay of the space shuttle launch, just an indicator of our inability to get things done…we are in steep and steady decline.  NASA announced plans to go back to the moon…they project it will take 20 years.  Last time we went to the moon, it took 7 years and we did it with 60’s technology.  Couldn’t do it today.  We need 20 more space shuttle launches to complete the ISS.  I’ll be the first to state the obvious, “It ain’t gonna happen.”  And, sadly, I bet our planned moon and beyond adventure never happens.  We’re incapable.

While Nations mostly stand still, History continues its steady march forward.   Is it too late to start learning Mandarin?


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