A Solemn Labor Day to You

Bush vows to keep workers competitive – Yahoo! News

I just got home from work on this Labor Day…I had to work as a favor to our customers.  They can come in without taking a day off work and traffic is virtually non-existent on holiday morns.  Since our customers pay our office bills (not to mention my rent), I had to work…and I dragged the rest of the office along.

So I get home and am greeted by the above linked headline…I didn’t even read the article, I already know Bush Jr’s views.  He seeks a leaner meaner less well paid work force to compete with sweatshops in [insert 3rd world country here].

Personally, I don’t think we can compete with [insert 3rd world country here] in the sweatshop field.  Pretty much any nation that excels in the sweatshop trade will work circles around us.  Somehow I don’t believe that Bush Jr’s leaner meaner work force is the solution.

Instead he should take a look at the competitive landscape of Europe and the Pacific Rim.  There he will find the folks that we need to compete with (unless his goal is the Argentinia-ization of the US, in which case he should continue on his present course).  The reason we are being out competed is healthcare.  We can’t continue spending such large chunks on healthcare and think we can compete.  Speaking as someone who has seen a doctor exactly once in the past 18 years, the only way to save the free market from collapse is socialized medicine.  It is the only way to avoid total melt down, spending by Government, corporations, and individuals are all spiraling out of control…it is not sustainable.

The unfortunate fact is that when we implode we drag everybody else down with us.   And you think “they” hate us now…just wait until we can no longer pay our bills and see how happy even the civilized world is with us.