The perennial anti-fanboy

In the past 10 days I’ve been accused in forum posts of alternatively being: (1) A MS fanboy, (2) An Apple fanboy, and (3)An opensource fanboy.  But still, I see myself as the perennial anti-fanboy.  In my estimation all of the leading desktop OS’s–XP/Vista, OS X 10.X, and GNU/Linux–leave much to be desired.

With a 2.5 GHz processor and 1.5 GB of RAM, why should XPs interface be so slow–why does my hard drive grind?

How could I be a fan of the crippled hardware that OS X runs on?

How could I be a promoter of GNU/Linux when the sound sucks!  Frequent crashes and buggy behavior all linked to the sound in pretty much every Linux distro I have ever used.

They all pretty much suck.  Am I the only one that notices?  How does every geek get attracted to one or another and then go and convince themselves that somehow their chosen OS is a good one?   Of course they know that the other two suck, but they get deluded by their personal choices–they invent a reality to fit their views–classic case of distorted reality due to self-delusion.

While the three of them sometimes suck in similar ways, they also suck in different ways.  Choosing an OS is deciding which one sucks less for the way that you work and the tasks that you need to accomplish. I, for one, could never be a fanboy for any of these OS’s in thier present state.  But if you take a look at trends…Vista has many more ads hard coded into the OS than XP does…every release of iLife comes in a more and more crippled form…but GNU/Linux, at least has positive trends.  Of course much of this is due to the fact that it started this millenium far out in last place, it was much easier to make large gains.

So let me be clear, yes Linux is buggy, yes the apps crash a lot, yes the updates often hose your system, yes much hardware is unusable, yes the command line is a throwback to the eighties, yes many of its procedures are arcane, YES IT SUCKS!  It just happens to be better than the offerings from MS and Apple for my approach to computing and the tasks that I need to perform. Your milage may vary.


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