Discovering Crippled Hardware

Today I found out that you cannot set up a wireless wpa network from the mac mini to anything other than Apple hardware. WPA encryption from a Mac only works with Apple hardware…go figure? What’s up with that? Why would anyone put up with it?

My wants were simple…set up a secure ad-hoc wireless connection from the Mac to share internet with my pda. Lesson number one: Nope, can’t do it…Apple’s built in wireless can be configured as a client or it wants to act as a base…no ad-hoc allowed. Lesson number two: Only 40 bit WEP will work with anything that is not Apple hardware…you can only use a 5 digit password to protect your network….unless you use only apple hardware. Lesson number three: Apple’s help offers no help…only ads for their hardware.

From searching the web–and from trial and error–I learned the only way it works with non-Apple hardware is 40 bit WEP…and you can’t stop it from broadcasting its name…might as well leave it wide open. Useless. Why did they include the wireless card? Only to sell their airport base I guess.
And there are those that believe that it is only bias keeping the Mac out of the business world? I think we are way more likely to see Linspire on the corporate desktop than we are to see OS X.

To learn the above lessons took about 90 minutes…

I just assumed that it would be easy in the Mac. And it would be; If Apple had not purposely crippled their hardware. I was already aware that their software was purposely crippled, the crippling of hardware is new to me.

Now, to me, it seems illogical that Apple would cripple their hardware. Am I mistaken? If you think that I am…show me that I am wrong…just blasting me with denials won’t cut it. I got my info from personal experience and from O’Reilly. If I am wrong, show me. If I am correct, then it cannot be denied that OS X is the Linspire of the BSD world.

And don’t get me wrong, I think Linspire is a fine beginner’s OS. Just accept the way that it works and don’t try to force it to work in any but the most standard of conditions.


2 thoughts on “Discovering Crippled Hardware

  1. OK, I sold the Mini last night. That should be my final rant about Apple. I replaced it with an old broken Toshiba laptop…

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