Google and the Decline of the Internet

I am in the process of trying to delete/recover the data that google is putting together on me.  And they had a lot.  I was using gmail, analytics, picasa web galleries, sitemaps, personal start page, pages, and some others that I can’t even remember right now.  I even considered adwords at one point….I am thankful that I did not subject my users to that.

Google claims to want to organize information, but it has made the web more and more unusable over time…and it continues to worsen.

Google is a good thing.  Wikipedia is a good thing.  But combine them and you get a monster.  There are sites scraping wikipedia all over the internet, all profiting from google adwords.  Cluttering up the search results….garbage. So google directs traffic to these garbage sites, collects a fee for adwords, and sends a check to the offending site owner.  Who wins?  Google wins.  Scam site owners win.  The internet loses.  The end user loses.

Google is directly and 95% responsible for all of the link farms, blog spam, spam blogs, spam pings, and scraper sites on the internet.  Their involvement with is laughable.  This would be like George Bush being involved with  It would be even funnier if it did not have such grave implications for the future of the internet.

I deleted one of my two gmail accounts (keeping one as a spam address), I deleted my picasa galleries, I deleted my calandar, I deleted the tracking cookies that I allowed google to use from my websites (google analytics), I deleted my personal page, I deleted my google pages account, I deleted my sitemaps account, I uninstalled my firefox extensions.  I’ve done what I can to stop google from tracking me–and they are everywhere, worse than Amazon.  The analytics were evil, worse even than adwords because they were invisible to the user…All gone.

This has been bugging me for a while….I am into trying out new things, and google has been releasing new things, so I had lots of google things.
Google brings nothing to the internet, they are a leech on the content of others.  Google news has no news reporters, instead they scrape the work of others and then add ads.    This puts google into the parasitic class.  And just because google has many many parasites hanging from its tits does not make it less of a parasite.

This does not mention google purchasing developers of opensource, is Firefox really free, or has it become the google browser?  Google owns the main developers, google supplies the money for the rest, what happened to the free as in speech?  Insiduously sucked away by google.

“With great power comes great responsibility”  This is a maxim that evidently escapes Brin and Page.  Their “do no evil” mantra has become a joke as they set about forcing the decline of the internet.


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