Lenovo/Novell Announcement: Ho Hum

It couldn’t live up to the hype, yet none of the Linux sites seem to be backtracking from their grand pre-announcements.

Let me explain. In the days leading up to yesterday, tech sites around the globe were trumpeting the imminent release of a Lenovo Thinkpad pre-installed with SLED 10. This was blown up to be a major rung in the Linux climb to the desktop. I was excited. I was trying to figure out which tech toys I could start to sell off in order to get a down payment on one of these.

Then…after days of drumrolls…came the announcement. Well, um…err, Lenovo is not going to release a Thinkpad with Linux pre-installed; but we will support–albeit to a limited degree–SLED 10 on two models which start at over $3000 each. (here you can picture a leaking balloon shooting across the sky in a scene reminiscent of Looney Tunes–perhaps crashing to ground with a loud whack.)

But all of the Linux news sites just let it drop after the announcement. Where are the retractions? Where are the mea culpas? Nary a word from anyone.

Ho hum…