Fake Mac v PC comparisons

Mac vs. PC System Shootouts – $3,200 Workstations 08/09/06

The above link claims to be a fair comparison of the new Power Mac and the Dell Precision 690. Why is it that the Mac fanboys are always wanting to make these”comparisons”? The same thing that makes Steve Jobs play dog and pony show with Apple releases, the same thing that makes Mac fanboys so vituperative…Insecurity.

Go peruse the article linked above. Then go to Apple and Dell and price a typical configuration.

For typical I used, dual 3Ghz, 4GB RAM (4 dimm), dual 500GB drives, comparable video cards, 20 inch LCDs, etc…

My pricing came up with the Apple being $5698 and the Dell being $4975.

Don’t trust my numbers? Draw up your own config and go check it out. But draw it up beforehand, don’t try to make the Dell match the Apple default…how about be creative and make the Apple match the Dell default?

Nobody configs a new machine on what one company offers as default.  First you figure your needs, then you go price shop based on those needs.  I wonder how many of these work horses will be bought by fanboys and used only to surf the net?
Did I mention the free shipping with the Dell? Include that and you can up your CPU’s to 3.73 GHz and still break even with the Mac as configured.

The Mac is probably better in many ways…but Apple can not price compete with Dell. Why don’t these people take the sane road? You can probably show the Mac beating the Dell on styling, noise levels, software…

But to claim that Apple can undercut Dell on price is assinine. Just because Poppa Steve made the same assinine comment on stage does not make it less assinine. Get over it, you insecure fucks.