Islamic Fascists?

BBC News is reporting that Bush said: “Islamic fascists… will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom”.

Fascists? Through my local library I have a subscription to Oxford Reference Online and a quick search shows many different takes on defining fascism. But every definition includes some sort of extreme nationalism.

I am of the oppinion that Al Quadi does not exist. Sure there are fundamentalist terrorists that seek to harm us. But there is no entrenched global network of terrorists working in concert. However, let’s set that aside for a moment…are the terrorist and Islamic Fundamentalists fascists? The answer can only be a resounding no. Nationalists from different nations would not plot together.  No, the opposition is something other than nationalists.

And I am quite certain that there are Islamic Fascists, but they are the governments of our allies, namely Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In distinction, the terrorists are extreme fundamentalists. An entirely different animal. But Bush  would loose his base were he to make a speech denouncing religious fundamentalists–and who else supports him?

The President of the United States of America SHOULD NOT engage in this type of self-serving and blatant fear mongering. How many more terrorists are there today than there were on 9/11? If Bush’s goal is to prevent the spread of terrorism and to eventually lessen and end it, then by all metrics, he is an abject failure.

And he still refers to the terrorists as hating the freedom that we have. On this metric, the metric of extinquishing our freedoms to prevent this hatred, he appears to be doing rather well.