What about the finder?

Another Apple media event…the unveiling of Leopard…but no mention of fixing the finder.  From around the globe I heard a collective scream from every mac user as Steve left the stage without mention of a finder rewrite.

This is starting to get comical…it has forced creation of a new acronym complete with wikipedia entry.  FTFF: Fix the F’in Finder!

It is so slooooow…don’t even let a network share disapear when mounted….the whole system stops….the beach ball bounces…

Since Steve didn’t mention it…it will probably remain unfixed yet again.

The fact that Apple won’t fix it leads me to think that the problem is not finder…but the underpinnings.  If it was simply the finder, Apple would fix it.  So things are broken or otherwise mucked up underneath.  Probably the same problem set that causes the beach ball at other times….

If they are not going to fix the problem then they should turn the beach ball into a pulsing Apple and call it a feature.
And that fails to mention my main beef, why is there no “refresh”?  Due to its inherent shortcomings, OS X needs this more than most OS’s…yet it is MIA.

Hey Steve, “FTFF!”


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