Still Making Progress…

In four days it will be a month since I switched to Linux. Novell pretty much made it possible. I had set the ease of use and functionality of Win 2k as the base of what I would accept. My main desktop has been running openSUSE 10.1 with stability and aplomb. Digikam is more than adequate for managing my 5000+ (and growing) pictures, Amorak is way better than adequate at managing my 11000+ song music collection.

I gave up on making the Mac Mini a linux file server, after a ton of work I was able to get Ubuntu running…sort of. I couldn’t access updates…and–nothing against Ubuntu–but I like getting gobs of software with my distro. So the Mac Mini is an OS X file server now. If I can’t get rid of OS X at least I can put it somewhere where I don’t have to look at it. It seems like it should be a good low power consumption server.

Yesterday I ravaged my XP MCE box. Destroyed the hard drive trying to resize a partition…oops. I had no data on it…so not a big deal. Well…other than the fact that I destroyed my restore partition. So I installed Vista beta 2 on it…garbage. No support for my TV tuners, one of which is one of the few that is supported by MCE 2005! Since I had been wanting to play with SLED 10, I went ahead and put it on there. Still no TV tuner support (I think I can get one of the two working once I get more time.) Will probably play with XGL for a few days, then install openSUSE on it and try to restore it to its place as my TV/DVR/Game Machine.

Speaking of XGL–it seems pretty cool. No noticable slowdown or stability issues. Of course all of the stuff it does now is lame…more like demos of what developers can accomplish than anything that one would wish to use. Pretty much in the same vein as Apple’s core video and Microsoft’s Aero…good ideas, now lets see some useful aps.

Earlier I stated that it was due to Novell that I was able to maintain my switch. For a noob recent Windows power user convert, there is no other distro that compares. In the slick combination of ease of use with access to advanced features. I’m not really into gnome, and SLED’s KDE is not much different from openSuse. But openSuse more than meets my needs…I will probably standardize my desktops on it.  Has anyone done a comparison (a good one, not some fanboy crap) between openSuse, OS X and XP?

I, quite obviously, have not yet made the total switch.  And I may not ever make it on my present hardware, for instance I will never get good support for my Averatec Tablet.  But as we close in on the one month anniversary, I can confidently state that I have sent MS the last check that I will ever send them.