Feelin’ Free

Finally!!  After 6 years of fits and false starts, I have finally made the transition to Linux!  And, I do believe it is for real–and for good–this time around.  I now have had my main machine running linux for 2 weeks. My laptop is dual boot….I still have a windows based media center, and the Mac Mini has been nothing but a pain in the ass.

It feels good.  Today I was analyzing why it felt so good…I came up with the following…

1) Microsoft bugs me.  Not MS the software…I am one of those who think that MS makes the software that all others seek to imitate.  It is MS the giant corporation which seeks to foist things like WGA (see previous post) on me that bugs me.  They sell me software then change the EULA along the way.  I am fairly certain that I did not agree to any such nonsense as them periodically scanning my hard drive back in 2002 when I bought that copy of Windows.  This sort of arbitrary and capricious act makes me glad to be free of the monolith!

2) Microsoft’s newest round of products seem an awful lot like adware to me.  You can’t check “no store” or turn off links to stores anywhere from within Media Player.  Vista has “buy links” spread throughout…maybe the final release won’t be as adware-like as Beta 2.  This really bugs me.  Apple does this too…except they also ship crippleware with their adware…iWeb, iPhoto, Quicktime…all crippleware!  Bugs the shit out of me…I would be soooo happy to dump the monstrosity that is OS X and its companion crippleware.

3) I don’t have to violate copywrites on software anymore.  The EULAs are restrictive, you would need buy 3 copies of every app to avoid violating them.  Software is expensive and constantly needs updating.  I was never able to run legal copies of the software that I need to accomplish my goals with the computer.  So there is a fair amount of relief in shrugging off that guilt.

4) The sense of accomplishment in finally figuring it out enough to make the switch.  Although I must admit that the linux development community really met me more than half way.  Major kudos to them.

My pda still runs windows…no sync for it yet.

So Bill Gates and Co. may think they got over on me with thier poorly implemented WGA–when in reality all they did was push me off to another OS.  Maybe I should send them a thank you card.