Who will call off the dogs?

Ever since I was little and would watch boxing from my father’s lap, I have been taught to root for the under dog.  When I was younger, I would occasionally walk outof a bar and into a fight…I never had to ask what the fight was over, I only cared who was winning.  Then back in the 80s I watched Israeli tanks taking on crowds of rock throwing Arabs…tanks against rocks?  I knew whose side I was on.

As Israel currently dismantles Lebanon and makes threats against Syria, one can watch TV and know whose side is correct.  One side has a modern military…capable of chopping and dicing a nation like some modern convenience in an infomercial. While the other appears to have 50s tech missiles and curses.  Do I understand it?  Is it important to understand to know who is right?

As a devout athiest, I feel that I have a good grasp on whose side god would be, if She were here….the meek, the mild, the dispossessed, the frightened.  Would god take the part of a battalian commander? How about a tank commander?

While Bush and Co. are busy trying to instigate Armegedden in the mid-east, is it clear to Israel that they are but pawns in this larger game.  As Hezbollah and Lebanon are pawns of Iran, Israel is pawn to the US right…let’s call them what they are….Armegeddenists.