Xandros, Not What is Should Be

I recently bought Xandros 4.0 Home Premium.  What did I not get for eighty bucks?

NO MP3 Encoder!

NO DVD Decoder!

What did I get for eighty bucks?

A pain in the ass. I have a pretty basic but standard ATI video card. Is it supported? Fuck no! Go to ATI and get the driver, go to Xandros Networks download the development tools. Do they give me the kernel headers?  Do they give me the same kernel source that shipped with my brand new OS? Did I spend 4 hours attempting to make their shit work with no luck? Yes. Did I have my geek friend waste 2 hours trying to work around their sloppy execution? Yes. Would I reccomend Xandros to anyone?

And this is sad because I really want to like the consumer oriented debian derivatives.  I think there is a niche here for linux. ( Its not an original idea…I think Michael Robertson was the first one I heard mention it.)  The theory goes that linux can make inroads in both ends of the home userbase, the tech savvy risk takers at one end and the computer noob at the other end of the spectrum.  Most distros target the power user set, if you are not comfortable rebuilding your kernel then you should look elsewhere.  But distros like Linspire and Xandros target the computer neophyte, the complete noob who does not know nor care what OS they run.  Unfortunately, sometimes a kernel build is necessary to get hardware support, these distros should not sacrifice usability for looks.
So, I would really really like to like Xandros….

It seems that everytime I try to give linux a chance I run smack into unresolvable problems with sound or graphics…

Be that as it may, I’m committed to Xandros until MS releases Vista RC1.  Xandros has about 6 weeks to convince me not to upgrade switch to Vista.