More on value added

When MS released CTP Vista Beta 2, I jumped on it.  Boy it is much much buggier than XP was at this stage.

MS has put advertisements all through the OS!  WTF?  Is my OS shareware?  Who do I send a check to in order to get these ads turned off?  This is the exact same thing that turned me off about Apple’s OS X, ads everywhere, half the “features” don’t work unless you send Apple a yearly check.  This was enough for me to abandon the platform.  Now MS is moving in the same direction.  Once again, WTF?  Is OS X shareware?  Is Vista?  Will people continue to put up with this?  Well, I know the mac users will put up with it…they will even defend it…”I wanted those ads”….”I find it helpful”…whatever….  Will Windows users put up with it?  That remains to be seen…

I for one am installing Xandros when I get home from work tonight.  I will do my best to make it work.


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