Birds disappearing faster than thought

Birds disappearing faster than thought

The above article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer gives a gloomy outlook for the world’s bird species.

First the amphibians are going, going, on their way out. Now we learn that the birds, too, are going.  Perhaps as many as 1200 by century’s end.
12% of today’s species may be gone by 2100.

Scientists had thought that 120 bird species had gone extinct since 1500. Now we learn it has probably been more like 500. As much as 100 times faster than would occur naturally. And accelerating.

The sad part is that few will even notice….there will still be rock doves, European starlings, grackles, and cowbirds. But gone will be the gems; the warblers, the canaries, the finchs, the hummingbirds, the chickadees…

The world will be absent the morning melodies that we take for granted. If our grandchildren were born into a black and white world,how would we explain color to them? In the same way, how will we explain the quick flicker of color, the melodic aires, and the joy at their behaviours that we now take for granted?  For each loss we, too, become diminished.

Habitat destruction is listed as the primary cause, while chemical pollution, invasive species, climate change, and other factors contribute.

Still, the bulldozers roll onward…

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