An Open Letter to the New York Times

Dear NYT;

So you went and published the shocking news that Bush & Co are monitoring international banking transactions to look for ties to terrorism. While I would have thought that most would not find this to be “news”, it now appears that this surprises many.

Bush: “The disclosure of this program is disgraceful”

Cheney: “I think this is a disgrace.”

Sen. Bunning: “we think has committed treasonous acts.” (R-KY)

Cheney: “The New York Times has now made it more difficult for us to prevent attacks in the future.”

Now some are even calling for prison for top NYT officials. While both the LA Times and the Wall St Journal both ran the story, I don’t see Congress passing resolutions condemning them. Bush & Co seem mostly focused on the NYT.

And of course all of this follows last years NYT uncovering of Bush & Co’s illegal wire tap program.

I know you are busy, but I hope you have time to read this. It seems that we are approaching a new dark age. The oligarchy has thrown back its vale, no longer content to rule in secret. Money talks; in fact it roars. The present regime seems bent on increasing the disparity between the haves and the have-nots. History shows us that no democracy can withstand this disparity. With the Oligarchy now public, we cannot go back. The snowball tumbling down the hill has caught a lot of weight and inertia, to stop it now would require social upheaval and would result in a mess. No, the time has passed for reform.

The only thing to do now is to keep one’s head down and prepare to pick up the pieces after this regime has passed. Ah, but you dear NYT do not have this luxury. You are too front and center for that. Allow me here to urge you to not back down on your coverage. I know your inclination will be to draw less fire, but you must resist that inclination. In the coming times, many media outlets will be forcibly closed. You can not escape your fate, only momentarily prolong it. And you must bear in mind that history will not remember who the 10th media outlet shut down was. But it will remember the first. It may even be a holiday at some point (if there is a recovery, of course).

So, I simply suggest that you retain your role as moderate—which looks more and more liberal as time goes on. Take your medicine when it comes. And know that it is the standard dose given to a free press in a darkening land.


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