MS Live Onecare Pricing

Microsoft Monitor had a recent post questioning if MS Onecare was predatory priced at 50$US for up to 3 computers.  From the crapware that comes on Dells, from what I see on store shelves, from what I get from reading ads, and from what others tell me, I get the impression that this market is currently owned by Symantec (Norton) and McAfee (S&M?).  And while none of their products compare perfectly with each other’s offerings, Onecare seems to be about half the price its big competitors.  From direct experience I know that Onecare is much less resource intensive.  And if you run the entire security suite from Symantec or McAfee your computer becomes slow, unresponsive, crashes, and prevents you from doing legitimate networking.  Basically, S&M turn XP into Win9x.

Folks like AVG, Avast, and others provide free anti-virus for home use.  Many others offer cheap antivirus for home use.  These stand alone and comparitively cheaper products are superior to the suites and other offerings of S&M.

I think MS is going to bat for its users.  Put a damper on the extortion made by S&M, while simultaneously setting them back to make room for less invasive offerings from others.  I just installed some new Dells at work, they both came pre-installed with McAffee Security Suite.  It made brand new fast computers seem like dogs.  They would not network, they were unresponsive, uninstalling this crapware solved the problem.  Imagine if I was a noob?  I would have thought that’s just the way computers are, I would have thought XP sucked, I would not have enjoyed my experience.  Between the two of them, S&M are crippling the experiences of millions of users.  I think this is the reason MS entered the fray.

I signed up for Onecare, 20$US as a beta tester.  I won’t renew.  Something still bugs me about paying a fee to a company to solve problems that their main product creates.

I still think MS’s entry to this arena is much needed.