New Features of OS X Leopard

Much is made of guessing what the next OS X will contain.  Many say virtualization, some say collaboration,…rumors, damn rumors, and wild assed guesses.

I have no inside scoop, no moles at Apple breaking their NDAs, but I know the main new feature in Leopard.  Ready?

[insert drumroll]………Improved Windows Networking!  The glory, the glee, how sweet it is, improved windows networking!  Steve takes a bow to the crowd, flowers drop from the ceiling, the faithful are on their feet.  All hail, improved windows networking!

Vista beta 2 seriously breaks Apple’s implementation of Samba.

But they can’t sell a computer OS based on improved networking with the Beast.  So they will add some flash, something glitzy, something containing a buzzword or two… about Virtual Collaboration?

But they will fix the broken windows networking, toss it with something flashy, and…..ta daaaaa……OS X Leopard!!!!


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